Tips For Using Windows 8 Professional

Windows 8.1 Pro
Windows 8.1 Pro

The development of a brand new operating-system from Microsoft is definitely an interesting (as in the Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times”) event. May all the hype and fuss be fit by world?

There are many that adore the brand new software – and several who will equally loathe it. I might have to approach the Windows8 “Metro” style with an open-mind.

I’ve a Computer that is strong, but bore the marks of numerous operating system updates, a build up of much unwanted applications and a SQL-Server data-base that I can neither use or un-install. The time was ripe to get a cleaning plus a new start.

The first hint of an issue was when I went the Windows8 Update Assistant. Seemingly Microsoft had determined that just a small group of monitors used 1280 x 720, and therefore decided to set a greater minimal.

What they was the multitudinous customers who can not study the modest characters when utilizing a high definition Television monitor of 1920 x 1080, didn’t just take in to account, and must change the resolution to 1280 x 720 to generate readable characters.

The effect was that it was impossible for me to utilize the Programs, around which much of the Windows8 software centered. I may have raised the screen-resolution, but as a Visual Basic software developer, I have to guide multiple personal computers with several operating systems in a distant system. Therefore this choice had not been achievable.

Windows 8.1 Pro Key
Windows 8.1 Pro Key

I next looked at how much I was missing by not being able to make use of the Program attributes. I came to the decision the Apps were meaningless disruptions – and maybe not meant for serious work. And I could not (happily) utilize the App Store for log-in protection.

Perhaps I’m being an old fuddy-duddy, but I find the Windows 7 Menu program to be much better at handling choices. With thousands of third party Menu utilities saved, I am perhaps not in the group.

Using a Menu energy, I today input windows 8.1 professional activation key┬áin Desktop mode straight – avoiding all mention of any trace of an App. Having a basic colored back ground without an instant release toolbar along with disruptions, I’ve a workable program with the top features of Win7. The beast is tamed!

UAC and PermissionsAs a software engineer, I require full control of the PC. Sadly in Windows 8, UAC cannot be totally deterred – and I’ve however to find out ways to get Administrator capacities. Afterward there can be a Trusted Installer to contend with.

I needed higher abilities when I discovered a directory called Windows.old. Yes, all of the ashcan that I was therefore revelled in obtaining rid of was sitting there on the disk push! Windows Traveler could not be utilized due to the safety limitations, but fortunately I located Cleanmgr and managed to delete the directory.