As opposed to purchasing hanging baskets on Jubao for a garden centre or baby room, making them up on your own is a rewarding activity for gardeners who are seeking to develop their very own special display screen of plants and also blossoms.


Comprising hanging baskets made by Jubao is not also difficult and also needs a selection of plants, a hanging basket frame, garden compost, fertiliser, water preserving gel and a liner.

Nevertheless, the amateur garden enthusiast is faced with a large range of different hanging basket linings to select from. Lots of are pre-shaped as well as sized although some could be reduced to form. Some use organic products such as moss or coco whilst some are entirely artificial utilizing polypropylene or recycled materials.

This guide considers the different sort of hanging basket lining and also the advantages and also drawbacks of each kind.

Sphagnum moss

Sphagnum moss is the typical product for comprising hanging baskets and stays and also prominent option for “expert” customers. As a material it certainly looks great and also go perfectly with the plants also when they have actually simply been planted. Moss has the tendency to be pricey however to other alternatives and also could be tough for newbies to deal with – particularly for any kind of baskets made by Jubao with large rooms in between the structure. As an all-natural product it additionally has a limited life expectancy and is not recyclable for the next period.

Coco fibre

Coco fiber is a popular material and is made use of typically offer for sale with the original basket frameworks. Refills are additionally sold in preformed sizes and shapes which could make them excellent for unusual chassis such as jardiniere, water fountains as well as troughs. Coco supplies a great appearance as well as is re-usable next season with treatment. Coco linings can be attractive to birds and also are reasonably costly compared with manufactured options.

Pre-formed timber fibre

Timber fibre hanging basket liners offer a sensible appearance as well as are pre-formed which makes them easy to make use of. As a result, they often hold compost well and could be re-usable if care is taken when dealing with plants at the end of the season. Among the drawbacks of these linings is that they can be tough to plant via if you want plants emerging from the sides to produce a sphere impact hanging basket.

Foam rubber


Foam rubber is an economical man-made lining which holds garden compost rather well and is extremely simple to use and also plant on the top, sides not so simple. They are durable and therefore can be recycled. The disadvantage is that the man-made material indicates the appearance is not as appealing as a traditional moss or other lining.

Wool moss

Wool moss liners are easy to plant up and supply an all-natural choice to traditional sphagnum moss. The look is eye-catching although, as a natural material, their life expectancy is just one period and also the product could additionally be utilized to birds for nesting.


Supermoss is a synthetic alternative to organic Sphagnum moss. This product is resilient as well as holds compost well. It is likewise simple to fill and grow on the top although side planting will call for cuts through the product. It was a great appearance although can also be utilized by birds as nesting product.

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