Black And White Dating

Black And White Dating

Maybe you have been accused of being prejudiced toward your own race because you either support black and white dating or engage in? Figured so. This really is truly a pretty common event. When someone feels left out or shunned it’s easier sometimes to allow them to lash out and attack your motivations rather than address their own self-doubts or insecurities.

Have you ever tried to defend your black and white dating decisions by saying that they are simply your own tastes and, as such, are beyond reproach? That’s not atypical too. Most people go into self-defense mode and conjure up the first rational thing that comes to mind to try and prevent an argument when faced by someone.

Now, which one of these words is appropriate when it comes to black and white dating?

Excuse the high school English lesson here, but the key words in that definition that I think are frequently dismissed are “only reasons” and “before sufficient knowledge.” The definition implies that somebody must have some degree of familiarity and a basis for forming a preconceived notion. Most people presume that interracial daters tend not to have these and that is what makes them prejudiced in their selections. I have a tendency to believe it’s the reverse though. I believe most people who date interracially normally do not start out doing alone. The vast majority I know started out dating within their own race and then decided to just try something new. They definitely had existing knowledge, although “satisfactory” may be open to interpretation. But that is not absolute. Same thing can be said for having just grounds. If you went out with someone within your own race and didn’t enjoy certain things an argument can be made that you mustn’t write off the whole race because of one bad encounter – But On the other hand, why not? Perhaps one encounter is all. Again, it is all relative! And who is to say that merely because you see someone dating interracially they’re unwilling to explore alternatives within their own race? That’s an assumption and you realize what folks say about those. One more look at that definition and you also see the word “unfavorable.” Really, is it undesirable if someone chooses to not date? Who are they always hurting by making that decision?

Here is what Merriam Webster has to say about the definition of preference. Again, let us dissect this one as well. The key words here seem to be “chance of picking” and “giving edges to some.” Well, how could you argue with words like selecting and opportunity? Those are great things, even inalienable rights in the USA, that everyone should enjoy. You can’t blame anyone for wanting to exercise their opportunity of pick. But that last part is likely what can cause contempt… giving advantages to some over others. Rather than trying to examine why some are getting edges when it comes to dating a man that is certain, why not analyze whether that situation is even suitable for you in the first place. Matters should be considered by you beneath the surface instead of making a snap judgment on the basis of the optics. If your girl sees a man of exactly the same race dating a woman who’sn’t, it is not totally productive for her to take umbrage and think negative thoughts about herself. What if that man’s a loser and the other woman just has not figured it out yet?

After all of that wordplay, it’s still tough to call it, right? Actually, I believe it all comes down to an alternate word that merely happens to begin with the letter “p” and that is prerogative. And Merriam Webster says it is an exclusive or special right, power or prerogative. By the end of the day, that is the best word to use in regards to thinking about another person’s when referring to your own as it pertains to black and white dating or decisions. It’s their or your prerogative. And breaking this definition down is straightforward. You’ve got power, a special right or prerogative because it is your world! You run things – nobody else has that ability apart from you. Meaning that you’re empowered to do anything you want from others regardless of repudiation.

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