autocom for cars
autocom for cars

Autocom CDP Pro is often a PC-based OBD2 diagnostic tool that features a complete functionality for reading and clearing diagnostic trouble/fault codes, real-time data, adjustments, activations of components among others. In truth, it is one of the world’s leading companies within the growth and development of analysis and fault diagnosis equipment. It props up most languages than other products and diagnoses a number of cars. It is also the most effective car scanner running with a PC platform.

The AUTOCOM CDP Pro Cars database comes with a deep OBDII generic and manufacturer specific coverage of a amount of European vehicles like BMW, Porsche, Jaguar, MB, Audi, Land Rover, Volvo, VW and others. Additionally, what’s more , it has a perfect coverage of Japanese and American cars. The tool incorporates specific cables for diagnostics in older pre-OBDII cars.

The Autocom CDP diagnostic tools offer a multitude of advantages. Every one of them is capable of doing both vehicles and as a consequence saves you plenty of income that you just can have rather used on buying Autocom-CDP for cars or Autocom-CDP for trucks alone. Additionally they is capable of doing Ford well and in addition they include OKI chip. Together with a pocket (or handheld) PC it is really a powerful professional scan tool to have an independent workshop. It is possible to execute serial diagnose, read and clear trouble codes, perform basic settings, perform service reset and programming.

However, before you begin installing the Autocom CDP Pro Cars software, there are three belongings you should be aware of: First, the application is able to keep going a XP system, and any system will surely destroy it. Secondly, keep in mind to seal the anti-virus, otherwise the anti-virus software probably will recognize the program being a virus i.e. an incorrect alarm. The anti-virus will cancel your programmer and finally stop your operation.

Another important thing to consider note of is the fact that many of the Autocom-CDP-Diagnostic tools don’t support firmware upgrade. Other versions, however, have to have a VCI connection if you wish to upgrade.

Activating the Autocom-CDP-Pro
If you would like activate your AUTOCOM CDP for Cars, then go through following steps:
– Begin by turning off your web connection
– Insert a USB-memory stick to a free of charge space for at least 1MB
– SETUP software (start.exe)
– Write the merchandise id that is; a-710-479 for cars
– Write the serial number and hardware key that’s always 30250 and MNZTTOOCNHVE for cars and continue
– Then visit “Activate via USB”
– Insert the USB-memory stick (1 MB free space) therefore you’ll have your “FileActivation.xml.file automatically sent to the stick
– You’ll must post this activation file towards manufacturer with all your order number and so they’ll activate the tool for you personally
– The software creator will likely then send you a new file which after copying on your stick and you connect the continue with the computer, the software program automatically get infos in.
– You may also select to manual mode and open the.xml file particularly software fails to find the infos
– Eject the USB memory stick. You’ll notice the software will open, but will have an error stating: Failed to load vehicle…
– If the error appears, simply close it and run “Update_3_-_2011_Release_3″ and write the item’s id. Remember for cars it is a-710-479
– Click “Next” and also the software will open.